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Frequently Asked Questions

Which services does Short Menu support?
You can use virtually any service with Short Menu by using custom services, but it already supports lots of services by default: shrtm.nu, bit.ly, Rebrandly, Droplr, CloudApp, j.mp, goo.gl, t.cn, dlvr.it, own.li, 2ty.cc, tinyurl.com, hive.am, mcaf.ee, is.gd, v.gd, tiny.cc, branded.tiny.cc,
Can I customize my short URLs?
Yes. If your selected service supports custom keywords, a second text field will appear.
Can I use my own service with Short Menu?
Yes. You can configure as many custom services as you like in the settings.
How to set up custom services in Short Menu?
Please take a look at this document.
Can I log in multiple accounts in Short Menu?
Of course. You can add as many bit.ly, Rebrandly, Google, Hive, tiny.cc, Droplr and CloudApp accounts as you want.
What's the blacklist for?
The blacklist contains URLs Short Menu will never attempt to shorten, respectively already shortened URLs. In most cases the default blacklist will work perfectly, but some users may want to edit it in order to customize Short Menu's behavior according to their needs.
How to use native URL shorteners?
If enabled, Short Menu will use them automatically. Here's an example: you set your default service to goo.gl and want to shorten an Amazon URL. If you enabled Amazon's native URL shortener in the settings, Short Menu will return an amzn.to URL instead of a goo.gl URL.

Here's a full list of supported services: Amazon (amzn.to), BBC (bbc.in), Business Insider (read.bi), Foursquare (4sq.com), GitHub (git.io), Reuters (reut.rs), The Huffington Post (huff.to), The New York Times (nyti.ms), The Washington Post (wapo.st), YouTube Videos (youtu.be)
How do affiliate URLs work?
Short Menu can automatically affiliate your URLs before shortening. You can configure as many Affiliate Accounts as you like in the settings, each with an individual token and optional campaign. If you run multiple campaigns concurrently, you can configure multiple accounts with the same token but different campaigns. You can then activate/deactivate accounts as you need.

Short Menu will send the affiliated URL to the service of your choice, but can't guarantee the service will not interfere with your affiliate token or campaign. Only shrtm.nu is guaranteed to keep your affiliate settings.

Users of Short Menu 3.2 or earlier, who get all other Pro Features for free, will need to purchase Affiliate Accounts separately.
Which affiliate merchants are supported?
Short Menu supports iTunes, Amazon BR, Amazon CA, Amazon CN, Amazon DE, Amazon ES, Amazon FR, Amazon IN, Amazon IT, Amazon JP, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Additional merchants will be added on demand. To request support for merchants, please use this contact form.
What are the Pro Features?
You can use the basic functionality of Short Menu for free, which includes: URL shortening with shrtm.nu, iCloud synced history, 2 Extensions, Widget, Blacklist and the Advanced Preferences.

If you want to use another service than shrtm.nu, log in with the 8 supported services, create custom services, enable native URL shorteners or configure affiliate accounts, you need to purchase the Pro Features.

You can purchase the Pro Features either separately, in case you only need specific features, or all at once. The latter option also guarantees you will get future Pro Features for free.

You get the Pro Features (except Affiliate Accounts) for free if you already purchased Short Menu 3.2 or earlier. If they're not unlocked, please use the "Restore Purchase" button.
Can I use Short Menu with Launch Center Pro?
Yes. Just create a new action in Launch Center Pro, go to "Action Composer", select "Short Menu" in "Installed Apps" and choose the type of action you want to create.

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