Affiliate Accounts in Short Menu for Mac

Affiliate Accounts in Short Menu for Mac

What are affiliate URLs?

Affiliate URLs allow you to earn commission on sales by referring customers to merchants. You can read more about affiliate marketing here.

Why is this a separate purchase?

Affiliate Accounts are only being used by a specific group of users. In order to keep the base price low for everyone, this feature is not included in the base version and can be unlocked separately by those who need it.

How does this work in Short Menu?

Short Menu can automatically affiliate your URLs before shortening. You can configure as many Affiliate Accounts as you like in the preferences, each with an individual token and optional campaign. If you run multiple campaigns concurrently, you can configure multiple accounts with the same token but different campaigns. You can then activate/deactivate accounts as you need.

Short Menu will send the affiliated URL to the service of your choice, but can't guarantee the service will not interfere with your affiliate token or campaign. Only is guaranteed to keep your affiliate settings.

Which affiliate merchants are supported?

Short Menu supports iTunes, Amazon BR, Amazon CA, Amazon CN, Amazon DE, Amazon ES, Amazon FR, Amazon IN, Amazon IT, Amazon JP, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Additional merchants will be added on demand. To request support for merchants, please use this contact form.