FAQ - Short Menu for Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Which services does Short Menu support?
You can use virtually any service with Short Menu by using custom services, but it already supports lots of services by default: shrtm.nu, bit.ly, Rebrandly, Droplr, CloudApp, j.mp, goo.gl, t.cn, dlvr.it, own.li, 2ty.cc, tinyurl.com, hive.am, mcaf.ee, is.gd, v.gd, tiny.cc, branded.tiny.cc,
Can I use my own service with Short Menu?
Yes. You can configure as many custom services as you like in the preferences.
How to set up custom services in Short Menu?
Please take a look at this document.
Can I log in multiple accounts in Short Menu?
Of course. You can add as many bit.ly, Rebrandly, Google, Hive, tiny.cc, Droplr and CloudApp accounts as you want.
I launched Short Menu but I can't see it in my dock!
That's because Short Menu is a menubar-only application. To open Short menu, click the little lightning that looks like a black version of Short Menu's app icon.
I have a question about Affiliate Accounts.
This document will answer all your questions.
How do updates work?
If you purchased Short Menu on the Mac App Store, you have to update it over the Mac App Store. If you purchased Short Menu on Paddle you can update it right in the app. Just select "Check for Updates..." in the menu, or let Short Menu check automatically (see "Updates" in the preferences, recommended).
Can I test Short Menu before buying it?
Of course. You can download a trial version of Short Menu here.
What can I do with the trial version?
The trial version doesn't restrict you in the features you can use, but it will only work for 7 days. After the trial expires, you can either buy directly in the app or on the Mac App Store.

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