Short Menu for Mac: Powerful URL Shortener

Short Menu for Mac

Powerful, intelligent & lightning fast URL shortener

Fast + Intelligent

Short Menu automatically takes the long URL from your clipboard and copies the short URL for you.

All your Accounts

Add all your, Rebrandly, Google, Hive,, Droplr and CloudApp accounts.

Custom Services

Create as many custom services as you want by configuring custom URL requests.

Built for Power Users

Short Menu utilizes your Mac's power by allowing you to configure shortcuts and even automatic URL shortening.

All your Accounts

Short Menu perfectly integrates with, Rebrandly, Google, Hive,, Droplr and CloudApp and allows you to easily manage all your accounts in Short Menu's preferences.
You can even add multiple accounts for the same service and later select the account Short Menu shall use.

Custom Services

You can add as many custom services as you like. Short Menu can send both GET and POST requests, add HTTP headers and supports different encodings for POST requests.

To avoid the need of entering the same information about your custom services again and again, they will be synced with iCloud.

If you want to learn more about custom services, please take a look at the documentation.

Loved by its users

Here's what users say about Short Menu

Excellent and easy!

I love it! It automatically grabs the current URL in the clipboard when you need to shorten a link, and then puts the shortened link back into the clipboard.

by fyreous on the Mac App Store
Super useful!

Simple, powerful, very well designed and developed. There’s tons of options to customize your shortnening services and how the app functions but it works sweet out of the box too!

by jonahcoyote on the Mac App Store

Quick Short

Keyboard ninja? Short Menu got you covered! Simply configure a system-wide keyboard shortcut using the shortcut preferences. When pressing your shortcut, Short Menu will take the URL from your clipboard, shorten it and automatically copy the short URL for you.

Auto Short

Automation enthusiast? You'll love Auto Short. If activated, it watches your clipboard and waits for you to copy an URL. As soon as it detects a long URL, it shortens it and automatically copies the short URL for you.