Privacy Policy - Short Menu for Mac

Privacy Policy


Short Menu does only store personal data when you add an account in Preferences > Accounts. Your account credentials will only be stored locally by Short Menu. Passwords and Access Keys will be stored securely in your Mac's keychain.
In order to verify your account credentials and to communicate with a service, your credentials will be sent to the selected service over an encrypted SSL connection.

3rd Party Services

Please note that every service which uses your account credentials does have its own privacy policy and terms of use. Short Menu doesn't have control over these services and how they store your personal data.

Analytics + Crash Reporting

Short Menu collects data for analytics and stability purposes, so we can learn how you use the app and how we can improve it in future updates. In order to achieve this, we use the following third party frameworks to improve Short Menu over time. By installing and using the app you agree to the terms and conditions of the third party frameworks we are using:


This privacy policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. It was last modified on 09/04/2016.


If you have any questions regarding privacy while using Short Menu, or have questions about our practices, please use this contact form to contact us.