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Excellent and easy!

I love it! It automatically grabs the current URL in the clipboard when you need to shorten a link, and then puts the shortened link back into the clipboard.

by fyreous on the Mac App Store

Best URL shortener

Easily the best URL shortener. Fast to use, modern interface and with x-callback support enables you to build it into workflows. This is the one to get.

by dgold105 on the iOS App Store

Super useful!

Simple, powerful, very well designed and developed. There’s tons of options to customize your shortnening services and how the app functions but it works sweet out of the box too!

by jonahcoyote on the Mac App Store

Great mobile utility!

It works great with my custom YOURLS installation and together with the developer's YOURLS plugin, I'm able to link App Store apps with my affiliate link automatically.

by vjl on the iOS App Store

Short Menu for Mac

Short Menu for Mac works in the background and is accessible through your Mac's menu bar. It perfectly utilizes the power of your Mac by allowing you to configure system-wide shortcuts and even automatic URL shortening.

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Short Menu for iOS

While offering the same core features as its Mac companion - 17 default URL services, unlimited accounts, unlimited custom services, iCloud sync, custom keywords & complete shortening history - Short Menu is deeply integrated into iOS by offering two action extensions next to the main app.

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